Gretchen Gottfried  RA, NCARB

A true Louisiana native, Gretchen grew up on the Northshore. She was immersed in her family's construction business from a young age, and was inspired by her father's work as a Licensed Engineer.

She showed early interest in art and design. Her passion for the arts drove her to develop her talents, and she received Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University.

The desire to create interactive art and optimize spaces within the built environment, inspired her to pursue a career in the design field. Gretchen returned to LSU where she received a Master of Architecture degree.

Upon graduation, Gretchen moved to New Orleans and has since worked for architecture firms in the area. Moving proved to be a wise decision as it was here in New Orleans that she met her now partner and fiancé, Michael Reid.

Gretchen is a Registered Architect with the State of Louisiana.


Michael Reid  RA, NCARB

Originally from Chicago, Michael is a seasoned architect.

Micheal's journey began many years ago, near the Chicago land area, when he first started to play with K’NEX as a 12 year old boy. He began to realize the limitless possibilities design and building held; from then on, he set out to become an architect.

After receiving his Associates from the College of Lake County in a year, Michael attended architecture classes at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree. Followed by a Masters of Architecture Degree from the University of Louisiana. While attending graduate school he worked for several firms in the Lafayette area and has real world experience in the fields of architecture and construction.

Through his extensive knowledge of technical details Michael is able to envision creative solutions and efficient solutions with ease.